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DJ Messica Arson

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During the break for the holidays, I was looking for a fun music related project to work on for the next Hack&&Tell. I have also always wanted to learn ruby and but haven’t done too much with it. I stumbled upon Sonic Pi and I thought it would be fun to live code a DJ set for my 5 minute Hack&&Tell “talk”.

With the built in help guide and this guide I found myself writing code that sounded cool after play around for just a few minutes. The first live loop I wrote was as follows:

live_loop :add_in do

  if one_in(3)
    sample :drum_heavy_kick
    sample :drum_cymbal_closed

  sleep 0.5


After that I was able to add more loops and buffers to create a start for tonight’s set. A fun synth sound I wrote was as follows:

live_loop :create do
  synth :dark_ambience
  n = (ring :g1, :g2, :g3).tick
  play n, attack: 6, env_curve: 7
  sleep 4

The full code for tonight’s set can be found here on my github.

Jessica lives in Brooklyn, NY. She's a co-organizer of the Tech Lady Hackathon. In 2017, one of her projects got named best web/mobile product of the year by magazine.

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