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Portfolio Reviews, Crack the Code, Coding DJ Sets and Lighting Talks

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My new years resolution was to give one speaking role at a meet up or a conference. So far I’ve kept to that resolution.

In January, I gave portfolio reviews at Women who Code NYC. This was my first time giving feedback like this and I got see so many awesome personal websites.

In February, I gave a DJ set as Messica Arson with Live Code NYC where I wrote code in Ruby with Sonic Pi and sampled myself screaming into a USB microphone.

This past month, I helped plan the Crack the Code conference for progressive women in data. I was inspired by other performers at Live Code NYC and wanted to play around with tidalcycles a library for haskell. I gave a 5 minute DJ set at Hack&&Tell DC. I also wrote about giving lighting talks for

I’m very excited for the next few months. I’m planning on releasing another zine - let me know if you want to contribute, building out Nominate Her and building out my JavaScript skills more. I’ve been very inspired by the documentation of Vue.js and really want to create some new things using it.

Jessica lives in Brooklyn, NY. She's a co-organizer of the Tech Lady Hackathon. In 2017, one of her projects got named best web/mobile product of the year by magazine.

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